Thursday, 10 October 2013

Four Months!

I said I wasn't going to do another blog ... but then I got drawing again and it kind of just became one. I have my suspicions that my brain is conspiring against me to procrastinate doing wedding stuff. But if it means I get to colour in for hours using my mouse and sometimes very sneakily during my work lunch breaks then I'm in! The blog is more important than the wedding anyway surely? The wedding will have photos, whereas this is the only continuous record of the pre-wedding times. I want to always remember how stressed I was, how the last 8kgs would never come off and how, even at the age of 27, I still drew like a preschooler. Ah life, you're going just the way I always dreamed ... 

So, Brandon and I decided to do an engagement shoot. Mainly because the wedding site required us to have a photo in the one square. So we needed the pics to make the website before the invites went out so we could get RSVPs and have a wedding. I discussed this plan with Brandon and he agreed wholeheartedly.

So I asked my friend Ash (who takes some pretty damn awesome photos) to help me sort this out. We got together and went to Merry Pak (the most awesome packaging, party and random shop ever) and bought I whole bunch of stuff we weren't sure we'd ever use and went home and made flags. Twas a proud moment.

And then later we spraypainted some numbers.

%^&#^ was right. It wasn't meant to be 13 you %^&#^ing idiots.

So B and I decided we would go get another 4. Tomorrow. Which became next week. Which became tomorrow again, when tomorrow had become the day before the shoot (which was on a Sunday). And therefore it is now Friday. Following? I have no idea what I'm talking about. But FIRST, it being Friday and all ...

And Friday we did. We Fridayed so much that we left two clubs at closing time and then even after that went back to Rowan and Sarah's (thanks guys) which was awesome. Then I think we went home which is where I woke up suddenly to the alarm early the next morning.

It was bad. So bad. But we got up, got dressed and went to Canal Walk (the biggest shopping centre near Cape Town). Traumatised for life.

I was so sick that I kept having to sit down next to strangers on the benches. Once I almost blacked out. Then I drank a coke and it was ok for a short while. And then I felt sick again. But no matter how far we went, we couldn't find a 4. We went to like a billion shops (no jokes). Til eventually, in the tiny birthday shop we saw it ... the magical 4!

It was the happiest moment of my life.

So we bought some more spraypaint, went home and merged with the couches like some science experiment gone wrong. I really wish I'd drawn that. We also ate many of the hundreds of hungover treats we'd bought in desperation and watched something that I can't remember. 

The next day we picked up Ash and we all went up near Rhodes' Memorial. We took out the 4 with a flourish, pinned it to the newspaper with a stick and sprayed it with the postbox red paint. We watched it dry, slowly. It was shiny and then a bit bubbly and then the whole 4 started to cave in on itself and melted into a pile of goo.

We pretended to laugh, while inside we died a little.

I try to remember that worse things could happen. My worst fear is that my dad (who has one leg) and I (who for now only has sight in one eye) will fall on our way down the aisle. Wheeee (but not really). 

Stacey has, however, promised me that if this happens she will fall over ever more dramatically, drawing the attention away from us, I think she said "something something dress falling down, legs in air something something". And I am writing this part as proof that she has promised this and to show her that I have not forgotten, nor will I ever forget, this promise. 

From a tired Jaclyn. (I need more sleep.)

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Eight Months

Eight months :D So close now, I can almost taste the *flavour that you don't know yet* wedding cake already! Meeting with a marriage official on Tuesday and, and ... other things too! (I think. Surely we've done more planning than this so far?!).

But who cares, because what's really important is loooooove and stuff and that we get to share that love with everyone and have a special day and call each other cute names like "husband" and "wife". And adopt a dog which can be like our child and which I can buy jerseys for. Oh the adventures we will have. 

Brandon and I also plan to create loads of stories together, but I suppose the most important one will always go as follows ...

On my birthday a few years before everything else went down I was having a good time and opening some presents! I LOVE birthdays hoorah! But little did I know that my real present was arriving in Cape Town on that same day (oOooh coincidence).

Anyway, fast forward another two years ...

One weekend I wasn't sure what to do and I got a call from my friend Strawberry Jam saying that he was at Rocking the Daisies and asking if I was coming. I um-ed and ah-ed for a bit but then I decided ...

So I packed my lil bags and off I went. Milky Kibbles broke down at the petrol station but a kind man showed me how to push my starter motor back in with a cigarette box and I dared the long drive. By myself. In the dark. It was scary, but the party must go on.

Go Milkyyyyyy!!! (RIP)

I got there and had an awesome time. We ran around and sat around and missioned around and drank lots of things. I got to walk around with my friend Tam for a while. And she said ...

Cos they had moved here together! See, I know you were wondering who was in his car before! Mystery solved! 

Later on it just so happened that we bumped into this Brandon guy. And we met ...

It was a lovely moment which Brandon, over time, has come to pretend to remember because he's nice and knows it meant a lot to me.

So we went home and I was like, screw it, I'ma Facebook him. And I did. And he didn't go online for the next few weeks. All the same, Tam worked some magic and we ended up meeting up again.

We had some drinks and chatted about work and stuff. It was naice. 

And we also went on a double-"date" to movies where Brandon choked on his popcorn and I was glad that for once it wasn't me.

And then I waited.

And waited ...

And waited ...

Until one day, which felt like months but was probably a few days, while I was probably rolling with my dance moves in my bedroom ...


And he called to ask me out to dinner (what a gentleman). And I said yes and made my dad answer the door when he came to fetch me. Because I am mean (but not very often).

It was lovely and we had (what is usually quite a common experience) a very awkward/exciting first date. When he dropped me off at home I kissed him goodbye and dived into the house where I proceeded to message all my girlfriends and tell them all about it.

So we had a good time and some good times after that. We started dating and it was all nice and stuff but in the end it just didn't work out and DUM DUM DUM ...

We broke up.

It was sad, but we'd only been together like a month or something so life went on. I can't really remember what I did at that stage. Probably partied and exercised (I was going through a proactive stage) and read and worked and listened to music ...

Until a while later I bumped into him at a gig.

And then I went for drinks with Apples which ended up being at the same place as Brandon's friend's party and we got talking and the party moved and we ended up at, well ...

(I'm so good at shading)

There was something about that place that made everything ok again and by the time we left we were already on our way to getting back together. We moved in together after a short while and were engaged before our two year anniversary. Hoo-rah.

Years down the line and we're still crazily in love ... 

I think the weird beginning worked for us because we're a bit weird. Some of us weirder than others (Brandon).

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have gheppy days!!

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The end.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Nine Months

Nine months ... I could have a baby in this time! Imagine how many dress fittings I could have then! I once saw a picture of a pregnant lady who had a hole cut in the front of her wedding dress. I could totally do that. Ooh wait, here she is ...

Mmm, gorgeous.

Wedding planning news ... we have now chosen music, gone to a bridal expo (where a lot of the dresses were black and the cakes red velvet), picked our music (kind of), narrowed down decor, chosen gifts for our wedding party and we're searching for the right marriage official. We've also booked our photographer. Oh, and I've invited my bridesmaids, yay!

Choosing my bridesmaids was easy, seeing as I was allowed five (yes, five, but it's a big wedding) and I had five people who I really, really wanted. I have great plans for my bridesmaids ...

I also want to warn my bridesmaids that I will tweak out a few times and its up to you all to make eeeeeverything seem ok. No matter what it is.

Everything I've just said may or may not be empty threats before my bachelorette party ... 

But I love all my bridesmaids very, very much, and each in a different and special way and I consider myself extremely lucky to have so many people like that in my life. So let me introduce them to you, starting with my maid of honour and then the rest alphabetically. 

So firstly ...

We used to always call Paulette, Plett, which I think my brother Jared came up with, or PawPaw. But the other day I came to the enlightening realisation that I could call her Lettie, so I'm going with that now (isn't it pretty Plettsy?). When I was growing up I used to call Paulette my second mom because there's nine years between us and she used to do cool mommy things for us, like make us pancakes and let us play with her stationery (sometimes) and also not so cool things, like give us maths lessons. She also used to make us break the nibs off pencil crayons into a jar and colour in pictures with dots, but that's a different story, for a different kind of blog entirely.

Lettie is my only sister and I love her very much. She has two amazingly adorable boys (read ring-bearers) and had the most beautiful wedding a few years back. Unfortunately she lives in Johannesburg so I don't get to see her as much as I'd like, but it's always lots of fun when she comes to visit and we get to do even cooler things now that the boys are around, like go to the aquarium. Sometimes Plett and Tyron get to go out when they're here cos my mom babysits, then she's hungover the next day and we get to tease her. 

Although a clown isn't the strangest thing I have dressed as, as this picture from an old work function proves ...

I've always been grateful to be from a big family (of four kids) and now even more so now Lettie can give me advice on throwing my wedding!

Then there's Angela, or Angie-Pangie-Noodle-Pie-Face, completely defeating the purpose of a nickname. Ange and I were part of the same group of friends growing up, but we never really got to know each other until we were in our 20s. Then, later, at a birthday party one night when she was dressed as a bunny, and I as a butterfly, we combined forces to become BUTTERBUNNY.

Ange has seen me at my best and at my worst. She's seen me ecstatic and she's seen me cry in the middle of a club. But all in all the memories are brilliant and we were very tight during a very developmental stage of my life. Probably when I was growing up the most. We used to go out and dance to bad music during the-time-that-shall-not-be-named. There was also an ongoing romance between my old car, Milky Kibbles, and her old car, Purple Car. But alas, both have now moved on to new pastures.

I love spending time with Ange and we'll often go out in a group and spend the evening alone, talking in a corner. I'm not 100% sure what we have left to talk about, but we always find something! Ange and I email each other all day, every day and have done so for about five years now, that's a lot of emails. and probably way too many things down in writing ...
Ange and I used to get up to no good (somewhat of a recurring theme in this blog), but now we make an effort to meet up probably once every two weeks for either a night out, a drink or, more often, dinner and series (during which we very subtly move Brandon out the front door - not cos we don't love him though!). Sometimes we order a massive platter of sushi along with more portions and then feel sick. Once we went for all-you-can-eat sushi and we had to go home and sit very still, I had to lie on the floor. I think I almost exploded that day. Ange is a great listener, which is lucky for her and I because I talk a lot to people I'm close with. A lot. A lot of rubbish.

Tonight Ange is coming round and we are making a pie and the potato dish (sliced potatoes, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper and cream, baked in the oven till its mushy - not hard werk). Very excited.

Theeeen ... (And thanks for dyeing your hair when I'd already coloured you in Ash.)

Ash is probably my only friend who talks as much as I do. In our younger years we perfected the art of talking simultaneously and just used to talk at the same time, both hearing each other as well. Ash and I met through another friend at school and practically lived as one for a few years until we both got into relationships and such. We are still super close though and it's probably for the best because we were reeeeaaaaallllllly up to no good when we were together, but in the best of ways. I always call Ash, SmashFace in my head, but I don't say it out loud because it could be misinterpreted. What I mean by it, really, is:

+ face

Instant mashed potato face. :D Everyone loves mash. And I love Smashface, I don't even have to tell her that cos she knooows.

We have loads of memories together and she's the bridesmaid that I've been friends with for the longest. It's one of those friendships that now means we know each other almost backwards and our conversations are made up of 'remember when ...'s and a lot of traditions, such as the complicated cheers when drinking, the 'We can still do this ... !', the hairbrush game and the rolling sock song ...

'Rolling socks up into balls
 Can you roll them all'

Which we used to sing while folding up washing at my house, desperately finishing chores so my dad would give us money and we could then play the phoning game, the hairbrush game, make up taime and then hopefully go drink somewhere before asking some random stranger for a lift home early the next morning.

Next up is a fairly new friend in comparison, but also soon to be my newest sibling ...

I think it's always a relief when your significant other has a sibling and you get along with them. And vice versa. So D and I are really lucky cos we actually love each other, separate to the relationship of Brandon and I. When I say Derryn, I mean Apples, because that's her name (even though, as I realised on Saturday, neither of us like apples. But we like Apples, so that's what counts). 

Apples and I really get along because we share a lot of loves. We both love food, we both love chatting, we both love going for drinks, we both love dancing, we both love Brandon and we both love books. She cares a lot about people and often goes out of her way to show it, and about two weeks ago she came over and made us pancakes, just because. :D I don't know her quite as well as some of my other friends yet, but I enjoy every time that I get to know her a bit better. :)

At least I think it was Derryn that killed the watermelon! Derryn and I both enjoy cooking but can't be in a kitchen together (though that may be more me). If I ever get trapped in a kitchen with a huge pantry in the middle of a natural disaster I hope D is there, cos I know I'll have an awesome time. Derryn and I spent a million days sitting on her bed and on the balcony of our old spot chatting about life, hair, clothes, work, friends and then, as time moved on, this guy Brett who she eventually went to live happily ever after with :D they even have a child, a kitten named Gir. Here Gir is in Brett's photo. am I spelling Gir correctly? Who knows.

Finally comes my newest friend. Pony. I love my pony (she likes it when I tell her that so I'm saying it online - see everyone knows now as well).

All I ever want to say about Stacey is that once we opened a wine bottle with a drill. That's resourceful. Stace is like a little ray of sunshine and brings a lot of positivity and joy into my life. I can't remember her ever truly saying anything bad about anyone. Stacey looks really well put together but her secret is that she is super clumsy and sometimes she trips on the air and falls over.

Stacey and I have spent many, many evening together discussing life's and the world's problems over a good few cocktails. and when the funds are low, we drink tea. Stacey is a loving person and I always know that she loves me very much and it gives me the gheppiness inside. Stacey is also a hypochondriac and it worries me that at this moment she is dying of something somewhere (in her head).

I was never really a big girly-girl growing up and Stace is the first super girly friend I've had (not to say my other bridesmaids aren't very feminine and smell very pretty, they're just not on that OMGGG level). I got a bit anxious when she offered to pluck my eyebrows and then told me about two-hundred different make up and hair products I never knew existed, but despite our differences I think we have a lot of similar insides and it's a strong friendship which I know will last forevers.

Shew that was a long one, and those pictures took me over a month to draw and colour in, so I hope you enjoyed them. I have no idea what the next blog will be about, so if you have any (wedding related) suggestions let me know. :) 

Udder-wise I hope you have a great day and have good times in life and all that.

Till next time. Byes.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Eleven Months

Wow, time is going by quickly! I should probably start planning a wedding round about now! Sorry it's been so long since I wrote, but in Dec I got this super creepy contact-lens problem (I tried to draw a picture of it but it scared me and I had to throw it away) and I haven't been able to look at screens and stuff :'( Now I'm back though, albeit with an eye patch. But everyone knows that pirates are awesome and remember that pirates have feelings too. They are like marshmallows inside.

Sooo, we haven't done much aside from booking a photographer who is awesome ( and writing up a rough guest list which changes every day (depending on our moods rawr ... :D)! Next up is Save the Dates and asking my bridesmaids (teehee)!

But who cares? You don't! You didn't come here to hear about the wedding, you just wanted to spend ten seconds looking at the drawings which it took me so damn long to draw. I drew all of these on lined paper, which I swear to never do again.

This month I'd like to introduce an important member of the wedding party to you.

Meet Brandon ...

 (He's the groom by the way). Brandon is my best friend and now has to be that forever and ever and ever. He has promised to always be nice to me and to always open really tight jars, reach things that are high up and to tell me I'm pretty even in the morning when I've forgotten to wash my make-up off.

If you don't know Brandon here's a chance to get to know him! 

Brandon likes ... :D

But he also dislikes ... >:(

Brandon is very handsome and funny and kind and he doesn't mind if I hug him a lot. Aside from these there are ten reasons why I love him. AND TEN ONLY! No more.

And here they are.

In the morning and the night time!

Especially when I cross the road. Or if I'm sad.

Just because he loves me!

They are very good stories though!

Sooo tasty!

'Cept after drumming :P

Every day, couple of times sometimes :D

Even if it's a lazy meal. Actually that's a drawing of what my eye looks like kind of!

Even if I wore my stinky pumps.

And finally ...

Yes, he does! What more could a girl ask for!

Anyway, that's all I have to say today. Hope you enjoyed the blog. 

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Have gheppy times.